Англійська мова 11 клас (за підручником О.Д. Карп’юк). Рівень — стандарт

Автори: Т.М. Кіктенко
Видавництво: Основа
Рік видання: 2014
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Видання «Мій конспект» — це серія посібників, які ставлять за мету надати допомогу вчителеві в підготовці та проведенні уроку. Автори пропонують базову основу конспектів уроків англійської мови на відривних аркушах із використанням додаткових матеріалів та підручника О. Д. Карп’юк за програмою 2010 року. Узявши за основу посібник, учитель може створити власний конспект уроку.

Lesson 1. Back to school
Lesson 2. Last Year at school
Lesson 3. Learning English
Lesson 4. English is the language of international communication

Unit 1. Being a student
Lesson 5. Independent learning
Lesson 6. Vocabulary extension
Lesson 7. You can do it if you try
Lesson 8. Are you good at taking exams?
Lesson 9. How to do well in school exams
Lesson 10. International exams in English
Lesson 11. International exams in English
Lesson 12. The Importance of note-taking skills

Unit 2. Make up your mind
Lesson 13. Future perspectives
Lesson 14. Summer jobs
Lesson 15. Work or job?
Lesson 16. How long have you been doing it?
Lesson 17. Reasons to study abroad
Lesson 18. It’s important to make a right choice
Lesson 19. Starting a business
Lesson 20. Job hunting
Lesson 21. Writing formal letters
Lesson 22. Writing CV

Unit 3. Family relationship
Lesson 23. Parenting
Lesson 24. Parents and adolescents
Lesson 25. Conflicts in families
Lesson 26. I’d have helped you if you’d asked
Lesson 27. Successful family
Lesson 28. Friends help you live longer
Lesson 29. What would you do?
Lesson 30. Reasons of conflicts
Lesson 31. Family values
Lesson 32. Writing formal letters

Unit 4. Eating out
Lesson 33. Ukrainian cuisine
Lesson 34. Food, meals, dishes
Lesson 35. Let’s eat
Lesson 36. Eating out
Lesson 37. Eating habits: what and where?
Lesson 38. Eating habits: what and where?
Lesson 39. What is on the menu?
Lesson 40. What to eat in Paris
Lesson 41. Countries and tastes
Lesson 42. Writing reports
Lesson 43. Listening comprehension
Lesson 44. Speaking
Lesson 45. Reading
Lesson 46. Writing

Unit 5. It’s your planet!
Lesson 47. Do we need much?
Lesson 48. What does the future hold for us?
Lesson 49. What’s happening to our environment?
Lesson 50. It shouldn’t be destroyed!
Lesson 51. Environmental problems
Lesson 52. Solving problems
Lesson 53. How much do you know about recycling?
Lesson 54. Why doesn’t the Earth feel well?
Lesson 55. It’s high time to act!
Lesson 56. Greenpeace protects the environment
Lesson 57. Writing essays

Unit 6. Speaking about art…
Lesson 58. Are you interested in art?
Lesson 59. Types of art
Lesson 60. Describing pictures
Lesson 61. Painted or painting?
Lesson 62. Filmmaking
Lesson 63. A matter of taste
Lesson 64. Entertaining films
Lesson 65. Modern and contemporary art
Lesson 66. Art is various
Lesson 67. You should know it
Lesson 68. Writing reviews

Unit 7. Focus on youth
Lesson 69. Youth and society
Lesson 70. HIV and AIDS
Lesson 71. Are you a “typical teenager”?
Lesson 72. Youth is wondering
Lesson 73. Emotions
Lesson 74. How to control emotions
Lesson 75. The problems of teenagers
Lesson 76. Youth problems
Lesson 77. Role of youth in society
Lesson 78. Life of youth in Ukraine
Lesson 79. Writing essays

Unit 8. People and society
Lesson 80. A glimpse of Ukraine
Lesson 81. Political system of Ukraine
Lesson 82. Policy, politics and politicians
Lesson 83. Constitution of Ukraine
Lesson 84. International organizations
Lesson 85. Society and its people
Lesson 86. International organizations
Lesson 87. International organizations
Lesson 88. Voting in Ukraine
Lesson 89. Citizenship
Lesson 90. Writing articles
Lesson 91. Listening comprehension
Lesson 92. Speaking
Lesson 93. Reading
Lesson 94. Writing

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